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Big Bash

We don’t really get the thrill of the Big Bash.  It has neither the domineering megabucks of the IPL, nor the quaint charm of the English T20.  In the IPL, anything can happen because all the players are brilliant.  In English domestic T20, there are far more players and anything can happen due to someone doing something particularly awful or a young unknown having the day of his life.

So what is the point of the Big Bash?  Journeymen overseas players match wits with old hasbeens, and all the while young Australians that could be developing their game get a few weeks in the middle of the season off first class cricket. 

Where is the next Australian spinner going to come from if almost half the teams are picking spinners that retired YEARS ago?  Hogg, Warne and Macgill didn’t retire a few months ago and have come back because they fancy a crack.  When Stuart MacGill retired, Steve Smith was still a year away from his first class debut.  Now, 4 years on, he finds himself behind MacGill in the bowling order in the Sydney Sixers team.

Either that, or cricket is turning a full circle and in 2020 we will be watching 54-year-old, 18-stone players.  In which case, we are all for it.


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T20 Trouble

If ever you wanted to see the difference in how clubs feel about T20, yesterday was it.

I park right next to The County Ground at Chelmsford.  I have never seen so much pandemonium as there was yesterday.  Cars were parked all over the road and great swarms of people were marching down the narrow streets surrounding the ground to get in. 

As I got to the car park to go home, one guy asked me if I was going so he could get a space in the crammed area.  Barely two steps later, another guy asks me the same question.  “I think that bloke is getting it”, says I.  “‘E only just fackin’ got ‘ere!”, says my new friend, who marches over to remonstrate with Man 1.  All this over parking for a game of T20.

Maybe all the “killing the goose the laid the golden egg” stuff is scaremongering?

I then get in and flick the TV on to catch a bit of the game at Old Trafford.  If I had gone to this game, I would have significantly increased the audience.  There are literally a handful of people there, and it makes Day 5 of the Cardiff Test look like carnival time in Rio.  Yes, it is on TV and the weather is not great, but it seems clear that Lancashire fans could not give a shiny one.

Therein lies the problem  – how do you keep everyone happy without just decreasing the number of counties?

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